What happened to Daddy’s Body? A new book by Elke Barber

What happened to Daddies BodyA lovely new  picture book has recently been published that will help parents talk to their children about what happens to a dead body. This book gently, sensitively and honestly explains cremation and burial, and follows on from Elke Barber’s first book “Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?” Her husband, Martin died suddenly in 2009 when she was aged just 34 and her little son Alex only 3 and daughter Olivia almost 1.

“Just as the first book, it is based on the actual conversations she had with her children, written in their own words. Once again, the children’s questions pushed her explanations beyond what she might previously have thought of as ‘acceptable’, but was guided by their curiosity and merely tried to make sense of the muddles in their heads. They weren’t scared, but grateful to understand. It further reassures the reader that it is okay to be sad, but that it is okay to be happy, too.

Elke has given a very inspirational TedTalk about supporting her children through the loss of their father.

What happened to Daddies Body? is available to purchase here.