Webinar: Understand and support bereaved children and young people

Event info Date: Nov 23rd Time: 7:30-8:30pm Access: Register for free via Eventbrite. An online Zoom link will be provided. REGISTER for event About this event Children express grief differently, help them find their way… This year we have all experienced loss – during the pandemic we have lost opportunities to do things like travel

Teacher Webinar Resource Pack now available

Thank you to all who attended our ‘How can teachers support Bereaved Children in the Classroom’ webinar last week in partnership with Irish Hospice Foundation During the webinar we had people joining us from every county of Ireland (including the North) and some people from as far afield as India, South America and the USA.

Webinar: Teachers supporting bereaved children

Event info Date: Aug 11th Time: 2-3pm Access: Register for free via Eventbrite. An online Zoom link will be provided. REGISTER for event This webinar will support teachers to have conversations in the classroom about bereavement that may arise due to the pandemic. The implications of COVID 19 has touched everyone in our society. We

Finding ways to help young people grieve under COVID-19 restrictions

In normal times, when someone is very unwell, we would encourage parents to allow children take part in opportunities to say goodbye to loved ones in any way they feel comfortable. Children and young people are usually very involved in a family member’s final days, in our end-of-life goodbyes and funeral traditions. It helps them

Supporting teenagers to grieve under COVID-19 restrictions

Grieving in exceptional times Under normal circumstances, grief can feel isolating, however during COVID-19 restrictions it is especially important to find ways to support and connect with each other. If there are teenagers or young people in your life, you will know this time of life can be characterised by restlessness. A young person’s reference

Helping Children Grieve During COVID-19 Restrictions

Grieving in exceptional times During these weeks of isolation, sadly some families will experience the death of a loved one; it may be due to COVID-19 or it may be completely unrelated. It’s natural to want to protect and shield children when someone dies; however, we need to talk to children to help them feel

Mind The Gap: Bereaved Children’s Awareness Week 2019

‘MIND YOURSELF SO YOU CAN MIND ME’. This was the message from bereaved children to adults at the launch of the ‘Mind The Gap’ creative project for Bereaved Children’s Awareness Week at the Mansion House Dublin today (Thursday 21 November). Children handle grief better when the adults around them get support to deal with their

Bereaved Children’s Awareness Week 2019

Children experience the pain of loss of a death as intensely as adults but they will express it in different ways. Adults instinctively want to shield or protect children from death. No one can fix or reverse what has happened but as an adult you can do your best to help children through the reality

New article: How guidance counsellors can support the grieving student

“The challenge facing Guidance Counsellors is to discover how best to help the bereft student by finding out what helps them most. No single model of bereavement or grief is recommended above any others, as all have various components that may be useful. An important aspect of the Guidance Counsellor’s role is to listen and