Resources & Promotional Assets – Bereaved Children Awareness Week 2023

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Understanding Childrens Grief

Supporting Bereaved Students

Professionals Information Leaflet

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Video Resources


10 Ways to Support a Child’s Grief

A short 1.32 minute video on some practical suggestions and ideas on how to support and provide compassion to a child who has been bereaved.


Finding your Way Through Grief

An introduction to a book written by and for teenagers and young people working with bereavement supports of St. Francis Hospice Dublin. Video is 3.35 minutes in length.


Children Express Grief Differently – An Educational Resource

This 12 minute video by ICBN provides an overview of how children grieve and explores ways that adults can offer support. This can be used within any organisation working with children and families to set the context for a discussion to enhance your understanding of the needs of bereaved children and young people.


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