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Dear Parents, Guardians and Concerned Others,

We at the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network are very much aware that when a family has lost someone close many adults struggle to know what is best for their children. With this in mind we have compiled a number of fact sheets on various concerns which bereaved families have raised with us over the years.

Having the information to support children through grief and to understand their responses depending on age and personality, takes away the fear for parents and others who care for them.

It also allows us realise that we can grieve ourselves and take care of the children in our lives at the same time.

It is worth remembering the following passage adapted from Shiela Cassidy:

“More than anything they want us to combine our care for them with compassion and when our hands are empty to stay our ground and share the frightening darkness with them.”

We extend heartfelt wishes for your journey,


Brid Carroll

Chairperson, Advisory committee, ICBN


Information for Families

General : Childhood Bereavement in Ireland – Factsheet

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Children and Grief  


Adolescents and Grief     

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   Resources for Families


Talking with Children about Tragic Events        

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