Support for schools during a bereavement

When a bereaved child returns to school it is important that the school climate is supportive and understanding of their needs.  A bereavement can impact hugely on the emotional and social well -being of the child and on their ability to concentrate and conduct their studies.  Teachers are in a unique position to provide positive support to bereaved children and this section includes a range of useful resources to help you best  support a bereaved child and  talk to the other students about what has happened.

28% of Irish 9 year old’s have lost a grandparent and 2.2%  a parent, according to research carried out in 2012 by the ESRI. Figures in the UK show that 70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on their roll book at all times. It is therefore expected that all teachers, at some point, will encounter a child attending their school who has suffered a bereavement.

The ICBN has developed its own online resource for primary school teachers and it is available here. 

There are some organisations in the UK who provide excellent resources on dealing with bereavement in schools.

How to teach…dealing with bereavement  an overview of resources by The Guardian 

Books on Children and Loss in the school setting

Online Resources




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