Elke Barber

Elke Barbers spoke at the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network Conference on November 19th 2016. Please view  her talk below.



Elke was born and raised in Germany and moved to the UK in 1995, where she married her long-time boyfriend Martin in 2005. They had two children together before Martin died suddenly in April 2009. Aged only 34, Elke found herself suddenly a young widow and a single Mum to two kids under four. A self-employed graphic designer and long time lover of children’s books, she decided to share their story to help others in similar situations. Using the conversations she had with her then three-year old son, together they wrote ‘Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?’ and ‘What Happened to Daddy’s Body?’. Both were initially crowdfunded and self-published, but are now published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing. She is now happily remarried to John, and actually called Thompson, no longer Barber. She is a mum and step mum to seven kids, a public speaker and passionate about improving the bereavement support for very young children. If you want to find out more about her and her family, please visit www.isdaddycomingback.com


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